File Locking In 1.4?

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I am trying v1.4 (1.4.83) for the first time.  However, it seems to be locking files where previously it did not.  Specifically, I am having problems with Microsoft Access compacting a database in a folder synchronised by BTSync.  MS Access writes to a database file on opening, and it seems to "touch" the file in this manner before initiating the "compact" operation.  However, after the touch, BTSync now seems to lock the file, causing the compact operation to fail (claiming that the file is already in use).


Closing BTSync, then compacting, then restarting the synchronisation is a (slightly inconvenient) work around, but this is not possible in some circumstances because BTSync may be running under a different user.

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Ah, thanks, did skim through the titles before posting but didn't spot that.  The process to re-create this error is


1) Open a database file in MS Access (I'm using 2010) in a BTSync shared folder with BTSync running

2) On another computer which is synchronised with BTSync running, open the equivalent MS Access database

3) Click on Database Tools -> Compact and Repair Database

4) Sometimes the compact succeeds, but sometimes there is an error.  This error is usually "Could not use [path\file]; file already in use."  However, occasionally it messes up the process completely and you get "Microsoft Access can't delete [path\file] after compacting it.  The compacted database has been named [path]\Database.mdb."


I hope that this helps you isolate the problem!  Whether or not the error happens seems a little strange.  Sometimes you will get a run of half a dozen successful compacts, whereas other times you get a run of half a dozen failures.  There is rarely a long sequence of success, failure, success, failure, etc., suggesting that some fluctuating external factors might be playing a part in determining whether the operation succeeds or fails.

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