I'll Be Using Sync To Distribute An Enormous Archive Of Live Music.

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In 2010, I started collecting concert recordings for an artist I was a fan of.  I originally started the collection for myself, but soon realized that finding this music was hit-and-miss...  No one site had everything, there were tons of broken links, and 'expired upload' messages from free file sharing sites.


I released the first iteration of the archive (60GB) as a BitTorrent file, and ran my own tracker.  A second update brought it to 160GB, which has been widely available since 2011.  I've served over 10TB of concert recordings so far.


The problem has been updates -- BitTorrent won't allow me to delete old files, only to add new ones.  The upgrade process is tedious, and I haven't released an update in years.


Cue BitTorrent Sync.  It allows me to update files locally, and have them take effect anywhere.  Users can point BTSync at their existing directories, saving them from downloading files they already have.  I can update files, and they're distributed immediately to anyone who is connected, or at the next time a user opens BTSync.  I can also sync selected files to my phone, play them on a headset, or stream them to my speakers over AirPlay.


Of course, there needs to be a few more bug fixes before I can release the next update, which will bring the size of the archive up to the 250-300GB range.  I'm excited for the future of BTSync!

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