Howto Repair My Broken Btsync Installation

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Today I rebooted the Raspberry BTSync was running on. After that BTSync stops working. It seems to be the bug that's already known:


To try to solve this issue, I several times removed, reinstalled and reconfigured BTSync. The last time I tried that, I deleted the btsync file in /etc/init.d (yes I'm very stupid to rm a file instead of moving or renaming it....). After that I'm unable to get that file back. So I'm unable to start BTSync. When I try to start the service (sudo service btsync start) it fails with the message "btsync: unrecognized service" (of course).


How can I solve this? An apt-get install --reinstall BTSync doesn't solve my issue.


Unfortunately I'm a very beginner on the Linux platform.


What can I do to get my BTSync running again?

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Depends, if you download btsync from the site you are only provided with a binary which should be started manually, or you can indeed create an init.d script (startup script).
 You can find one here too:


Or use btsync from an unofficial repository for example;

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