Bittorrent Sync Has Trouble Syncing Leaving "dirty" Files With My Particular Distribution Method.


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I use torrent sync to distribute mods to update minecraft clients for the server through BitTorrent Sync
read-only. The goal was to create a system that was seamlessly update my communities minecraft clients by altering the files on my computer and syncing the changes to there's. The initial sync works as expected. All nine of my clients are minecraft up-to-date. I've two folders that are synced "mod" and "config" folder that are distributed to minecraft. When any of the minecraft clients executes the  BitTorrent sees the "mod" and "config" folder as out of date. When I examine what BitTorrent Sync claims to be out of sync the files are identical.


This causes trouble when I update minecraft mod files. I remove the "mod" file files then replace them with up-to-date versions which have different names. Then add new or add altered "config" files which generally have the same file names. Bit torrent sync does not remove update all the files.


The folder structure looks like this.

"mod" folder

mod 1

mod 2

mod 3


"config" folder

Config 1

Config 2

Config 3



If I change files or config files within the folders some files are not removed. If I temporarily remove both the mod and config folders and then add them back everything sync correctly. Unfortunately that requires intervention on my part and for the client BitTorrent to be online. Explaining this really isn't easy and if you need clarification don't hesitate to ask.





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