Readynas + 1.4.77 = No Peers


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I used to have a fool proof set up with Sync. Set and forget, it was wonderful. Now with a windows box with latest client and a few ReadyNas units with 1.4.77 installed I am struggling to get anything to work. No peers will appear all the time. I wonder if this is a permissions issue? If I do a new folder that is within a share it sometimes works. Trying to sync directly to a share seems to fail. This is on the LAN and remotely. Logs and details to follow but if anything has had similar then please let me know.


As a side issue, these shares will mostly already have data in them. Am I right in thinking I should delete the .sync folder and start again?


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The same on all devices. This is odd. When it works and I am using a Read Only key, the folder with the pen crossed out appears and it works. When it isn't working for whatever reason, I use a readonly key and it created the share but marks it as read/write and seems to have different keys.... how odd.


Edit - I think this is a permissions thing.....

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