Sync 1.4.72 On Ios 8 Does Not Free Storage After File Deletion By Peer

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i understand the developers are working on updating the client for iOS 8; i just wanted to get this documented.


i'm using sync to get files from a home server to a server at a colo facility using my iphone as an intermediary.  the problem is that storage on the iphone is not freed when a file is deleted by a peer.


three systems involved:


D1: OS X 10.9.4; sync 1.4.72


M1: iOS 8.0/8.0.2 sync 1.4.60


D2: OS X 10.6.8; sync 1.4.72


here's the process:


(1) D1 and M1 are on the same wifi network


(2) file is created on D1


(3) sync is started on D1 and M1 and the file gets synced to M1


(4) sync is stopped on D1


(5) M1 switches from wifi to cellular data network


(6) sync is started on D2


(7) file is synced to D2


(8) sync is started on D1


(9) file is deleted from D1 and subsequently deleted via sync from M1 and D2.


but the storage on M1 does not get freed when a synced file is deleted by a peer.  over time i saw the storage in use by sync on M1 balloon to over 90GB -- all of the available free storage -- even though sync indicated that there were no files on the device.


i deleted the app from M1 and that seemed to reclaim the storage.


but . . . there's always a but :-) . . .


i reinstalled the app but now when i attempt to add a folder the app crashes (which is a problem documented here by others). i have not found a way around that (i've rebooted the device, reinstalled the app by syncing via itunes, reinstalled the app by downloading it directly to the phone).


again, i understand the developers are working on updating the client for iOS 8. this is just to get the problem that i ran into documented.


love, love, love this software!

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