Deleted Folders Reappear

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Folders are nothing special. On normal NTFS filesystem standard SATA-harddrive.

I have enabled logging on the "master", the computer where I add the files, and I will try to enable logging on the other computer which is the one having problems deleting/moving the files.


Huge file size i don't know. I send the same files to another computer, and have had no issues there that I can remember. They are maybe 7-8 GB at the most, more often 4-5 GB. :)

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Thanks for info. Please keep debug logs on on both PCs - and if issue pops up again - send both logs to me. It's important to have logs from both computers in your case as it is not fully clear which one actually fails to send / receive data.

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Hello again!


I now have a file that I've deleted twice on the "receiving computer", and it keeps being re-added on the sender, and transfered. I will mail the both logfiles to the emailaddress you mention in you post, and hopefully you will be able to see what is wrong.



Edit: mail sent! - please let me know.

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