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The latest beta is maddening.


Generally, just not syncing.


Rebooting and sync will sometimes start, but stop after a minute or two.


Endless "out of sync" statuses; showing that it's in sync when it's not.


Not showing peers when they're there.


When peers do show, it often shows them as offline when they're not.


Often not even attempting to sync when several volumes are mounted and creating a situation where only removing all but one volume (on a particular server I use to Crashplan all my BTSync volumes), will restore BTSync's attempt to sync (but it still doesn't).


For the few minutes it tries to sync, it shows bandwidth as being insanely slow with a sync time of 365 years, or similar (only Ray Kurzweil will be around for that).


CPU usage across all my devices has noticeably increased the ambient noise of my work area (I can live with that if it gets fixed).


Unfortunately, there's no alternative that will do what BTSync does across the devices it does it on. And now that I see the brilliant potential of it, it's hard to un-know that.


There needs to be a way to donate money, or something to this project. Whatever is needed to hire another developer or four.


 This project deserves more attention, support and resources. It has the potential to be a game-changer.


(Btw, while I was typing this, my "365 year sync" now says 346 years, so it thinks it's making progress, but hasn't even synced a single file -- not sure how that math works.)

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I can also report that I have no luck syncing any types of folders. RW, RO, and encrypted folders all fail to sync. Sizes are wrong. Sync freezes and crashes, can't downgrade, the list goes on and on. I want to believe that this software has potential, but all evidence points to a poorly structured testing system and code that is a mess of bugs. Please take these complaints seriously. You guys had a very enthusiastic user base and we are quickly losing interest in troubleshooting. I have to assume most people just uninstall 1.4 and move on with their lives. I have been using this software for years, so I haven't jumped ship quite yet, but I don't know how much more time I can dedicate to troubleshooting and tinkering if the sync engine's reliability doesn't improve soon. 

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I confirm this issue in latest build available (1.4.93). We are working on the fix, sorry for inconvenience.



For Macs it might be different issue. Mac OS loves to store data in xattrs, and seems we've got another issue here - encrypted nodes does not accept xattrs! We'll also fix it in future.



Are you also using Encrypted secrets or regular ones?



I'll need debug logs to find out why Sync forecasts you 350 years of happy syncing. 



Could you please contact our support with your issue? Please attach screenshots you've provided as well as issue description.



I confirm issue with encrypted folders. We've reproduced it in Lab and now trying to fix it.

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> Are you also using Encrypted secrets or regular ones?

I only use regular ones. (if you meant this : http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/25823-generate-encrypted-read-only-secret-without-api-key/)


So to clarify; do you mean you ARE using encrypted secrets then!? (just ones created without the API, as per the link you reference?)

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My two Windows 8.1 machines won't sync with each other either (note the right side of the image):




I generated fresh sync keys for all of my shares via the preferences dropdown which changed from longer keys to the newer shorter ones but that didn't help. :(


As far as I know everything is normal files and folders inside of the my sync folders.


Should I email debug logs?



EDIT: Well it took a while but it's syncing some data.


EDIT #2: It stopped after syncing about half the missing data. Dang. Still out of sync.

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Found new problem with latest version (didn't noticed it in previous 1.4.72 or 1.3):

[20141029 00:27:24.327] SF[AAC7]: Error downloading file IMIT_Files/cache/weather.cache.59: WriteToDisk: Permission denied


CentOS 6.5, x86, BTSync running as nobody, sync as readonly with "rewrite any changes". All sync forlders are writable, disk isn't full, file already exists and seems like there should be no issue to replace it (owner: nobody, writable). Any ideas? :)


At the same time on "master" server:

[20141028 23:31:49.977] FC[AAC7]: LoadTorrent: wrong number of pieces for file /vhosts/***.com/IMIT_Files/cache/weather.cache.59 without metadata, resetting it


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No, both devices are unencrypted, because I thought it would make things run faster. If I make them encrypted, will the out-of-sync problem go away?


Probably not! There was a specific issue relating to Encrypted nodes that caused them to become "out of sync" - this is the only "out of sync"-related issue that has been addressed in 1.4.99.


If you have an "out of sync" issue, that isn't related to Encrypted nodes, making your nodes encrypted is unlikely to magically solve your issue!

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OK, thanks. Good luck with the bug hunt.


Does this help:


I disconnected the folder at the receiving end and re-created it to try and overcome the problem of one file being out of sync. For about 2 hours now, the 2 nodes/folders have been getting back into sync. Most of the time, there is no activity showing (send/receive/indexing). No data needs to be sent, since it is all there already. The sending end already has it indexed, and I can imagine that the receiving end needs to re-index its files before it can become in-sync again. But nothing is happening. I have checked the windows task manager and there is no network activity and very little processor activity. Both ends. Both nodes seem to go to sleep, with occasional bursts of sending/receiving. Current forecast of time to complete syncing is 8 days, but it only took a few hours to put the data there in the first place.


Edit: It is now forecasting 10 months


Information submitted in the hope that it helps to diagnose the issue.


Edit: It finished syncing about 4 hours later.

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If out of sync issue comes back - please enable debug logs and send them to me for analysis.



Here are logs from two nodes with "Out of sync" problem.

There is just one share, so it will be easy to notice problem.

I found "Out of sync" problem when trying to share files with ReadOnly node - it can't be indexed on RO node and always stops on same place until btsync restart, than it can index a bit more.

"Overwrite changes" is enabled on ReadOnly node, RO node is Linux, Centos 6.5, x86. Master node is Linux, Centos 6.5, x64. BTSync version 1.4.99 (1.4.93 was the same).


Also sent to eMail.









Latest logs:







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