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Centralized .sync Folder

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I am using sync app  to sync folders and files between my NAS (a My Cloud EX2) and my 1TB Onedrive account, using my TabletPC as "middleman".


It so happens that, the ".sync" folder - which is a hidden folder in Windows - which is located in every synched folder, shows up in my Onedrive account as a normal/visible folder.


Since it is not possible to hide the folder in Onedrive, I was wondering if it is possible to "centralize" the .sync folder (have one of them for all synched folders) and to place it outside the folders that are being synched, so that it does not show up every here and there.

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Hi all,


Is it possible to use BitTorrent Sync without a ".sync" folder being created in a folder being synced? That is, the various preferences for the folder (e.g. which files to ignore) are stored in the BT Sync folder in (on Windows) %appdata% or in some other centralized location rather than in the folder being synced.


I ask because some software I use gets confused when it sees files/folders it does not expect (i.e., the .sync folder and its contents) within the folder getting synced. Since I cannot change the behavior of that software, it'd be nice if BitTorrent Sync had a "clean sync" option where only the contents of the folder are synced and no .sync folder or extra data is created in that folder.




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