Sync Crashes When Run On Windows 10 Preview

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Hi All,


I've been continually impressed with this application. As with most of you, I'm an enthusiast when it comes to technology. When I installed Windows 10 Technical Preview, Sync was one of the first applications I installed. Sadly, after installation, it crashes when you try to open the app normally or while run under admin. Windows 10 was just released. I'm curious to know how soon the developers will be adding support for this technical preview.





Just to clarify, it's crashing on 1.4.x. I just downgraded to 1.3.109 and that appears to be working fine. I'll just downgrade my other machines until 1.4.x is working properly.

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Windows 10 was just released.

Let's just be clear; only the first public "preview" on Windows 10 was released. It has not gone on full/general/final release (that's not estimated to be until mid-2015).

I've no doubt that Sync will be fully compatible with Windows 10 by them, but don't hold your breath for such support in just a matter of few days after a technical preview of a new OS has been made publicly available!!

The Sync teams priorities right now are on compatibility and ironing out issues with current/widely used OS's. Future Windows OS's will be supported, but at this stage of Sync's development they're not the immediate priority. Remember, Windows 10 Technical Preview is just that - a "preview" of an upcoming operating system - it's not intended for production environments.

So in summary, Windows 10 support will undoubtedly come, but I doubt there's a specific ETA for this just at present.

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