Bittorrent Sync Has Continuity Issues Syncing Between Host And Clients.


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In my experience using BitTorrent Sync across 10 read-only peers has continuity issues. I use BitTorrent sync to sync files and setting for a program. The first Sync complete without issues. Unfortunately after that BitTorrent Sync tends to leave dirty files. For instance I delete a file or change a file that is not always appropriately Synced if the client is off line or a program is utilizing synced files.


First case when the client is off line and changes are made to the files, when the client comes online these changes are often not carried over. Leaving outdated or deleted files on the peer client. Causing the program to crash as it needs specific versions of these files with their proper configuration. I even had issues with this when a client is online and changes are made.


The second case is when those client files in my case are used by a program. Because the program accesses BitTorrent Sync considers these files modified and therefore out of sync. Despite having the clients check the box "overwrite modified files"files do not get consistently overwritten. When the program is not running BitTorrent Sync should overwrite the modified files.


In summary my clients are not receiving synced data, retaining old data and not overriding modified file with original or updated versions.


Any suggestions? Is there a way I can force my clients to remove all files in the folder and re-sync?


I've tried removing all the files from the host hoping that the clients refresh. Unfortunately in most cases  BitTorrent Sync fails to delete or overwrite files.

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