Easier To Manage Users On Btsync For Synology


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Hi guys,


The Synology version is far from user friendly... requires too much tweaking in the terminal that the average Joe (like me) can't entertain.


First, the community install will create a user id below 1024 which is not seen in the DSM UI... (that's the first problem, requires tweaking the passwd file to make the user ID above 1024)

btsync:x:100:100:BitTorrent Sync User:/usr/local/btsync/var:/bin/sh


Second,  it is impossible to use a different folder than /usr/local/btsync/var/BTsync (That's the second problem, this system folder is not seen in the DSM... hence makes it difficult to access the files directly in the Synology) and moreover it is not possible to write elsewhere for example in /volume1/BTsync (BTsync beeing a share folder) nor it is possible to write in /volume1/homes/user_joe/BTsync 


So what do we need:


1. Install would create a user in the DSM so that the corresponding rights to access files and shares can be managed for this particular user.


2. Possibility to create a specific folder available with /volume1/homes/user01/btsync so that a user can "park" is BTsync stuff within his own user space


I am not a Unix guru and I have been trying to make it work this way for a week and could not succeed...


What do you think? Thanks for listening!





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