File Is Recreated After Deleting It.


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I just had the problem that I deleted a 150 MB file from this computer, on which it was initially also put in the shared folder, and it reappeared; it synced it back from the other peer. It should have propagated the delete.


I had used that file before to do some experiments with kill -9 on btsync while it was running. I have been able to reproduce it twice.


Btsync will have to be able to handle kill -9, because on Linux, that's how it will be shut down, since it's not a system service. And even then, computers can crash.


Platform: both Linux 64 bit

Version: 1.4




  • Have a share on two peers. I added the write key of peer 1 to peer 2.
  • Put a large file in peer 1
  • While it is syncing and you see a partial !sync on peer 2, kill -9 btsync on peer 1.
  • Start it again.
  • Wait till it starts syncing (can be a while). You can also make another change on the folder, forcing a sync. Though, I don't know if that affects the result.
  • wait till the sync is complete.
  • Delete it from peer 1.
  • It will reappear on peer  1. This is wrong. It should have been deleted on peer 2.



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