How To Prevent Sync From Using Internet?

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Anyone can help? I had problem for my LAN-only sync setup. Maybe i misunderstood what it can do. I'm trying to create a 2 PC 1 Android sync where the 2 PC is at separate network (home and office) and i wan the folder to sync only with android when connected in LAN. (PC do not sync from home to office via internet)


I had a folder A shared on PC01, synced with Android01 at home-LAN. BitTorrent Sync on Android is set to not using mobile data. So it will Sync only when I connected to my home-LAN. It works fine until here.


Now I shared the folder A to PC02 at office-LAN (another network). At first, the approval wont appear on PC01 since I already disabled Relay, Trackers and DHT Options. So I turned it on for awhile and approved the PC02 into the sync. Then turn it back off. What I assume is Android01 was connected to office-LAN now and it should sync with PC02.


However, I found that PC01 is also uploading for PC02 together with my Android01. I do not want PC01 at home using internet's upload. I double checked both PC01 and PC02 had disabled Relay, Trackers and DHT Options. However, there is no options to disable in Android01. Do I need to do anything on Android01?

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@rangerveo8, no need to triple post, as you've done here and here!


Posting your question once in the forums is sufficient, and if you've already posted your same question to two other existing threads, there's no need to create a brand new topic just to post your question a third time as well.

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