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I have been using BitTorrent Sync Version (1.3.106) on my WD MyCloud NAS for the last few months with no issues, until a few weeks ago when I inadvertantly updated my iOS Sync app  to 1.4.71. Now I can no longer seem to back up my camera roll. It looks at my camera roll and estimates the size but then just stays in that state and never seems to back anything up. In the web UI for Btsync on the WD drive, it shows that the iOS app has connected, but on the iOS app it displays "0 devices connected". 


I assume this is because I need to update the BitTorrent Sync app on my WD MyCloud, but from the threads I read in this forum, it no longer can be installed using the ARM version? 


Is there a way to resolve this, or do I have to just give up and find another way to back up my camera roll? It seems there is no official support for WD drives (though WD does seems to have APIs for 3rd parties to build apps on top of for MyCloud).


Any thoughts/advice?

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I'm now running 1.4.103 on my iPhone but am still encountering the same issues. I saw in the release notes for 103 that it included:


Fixed issue with new items added to Camera Roll not being backed up

Fixed issue when files added to a folder were sometimes not syncing" I was hopeful that it included a fix for the issue I outlined above but it doesn't seem to have been resolved. Any update on it, or anyone else having the same issue still?

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