Sync Ui Dependent Upon Adobe Flash

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@dontEmbedIE, I've moved your post into a separate topic as it was somewhat off-topic to the thread you originally posted it in.


In relation to concern that the entire "UI is dependent upon Flash" - that's not quite the case, the UI will function just fine without Flash.


The "ZeroClipboard.swf" component in your screenshot is part of the jQuery ZeroClipboard plugin. This plugin is used by Sync to provide one-click "Copy" buttons (allowing you to copy keys/links without having to press Ctrl + C). If you don't have flash installed clicking these "Copy" links just won't do anything (you'd have to manually enter a key or email a link instead, etc)


I'm sure once the Javascript Clipboard API becomes fully supported/standardized (it's currently in Working Draft) and browsers start to correctly support it, there's no reason why it then shouldn't be possible to implement copy functions in the Sync UI without requiring Flash at all, but at present not all browsers natively allow arbitrary copying of data to the clipboard by web pages, and therefore the most reliable "workaround" right now is to do it via Flash.


Also, in relation to "enterprise" use - the current offering of Sync is primarily intended for personal and non-commercial business use. An "enterprise" edition of Sync is in the works.

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