Btsync 1.4.93 (Windows) Crashes On Get_Files Api Command On "invite" Type Folder


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The Sync App 1.4.93 running on Windows crashes when the get_files API command issued with the secret of the folder with "invite" type.


How to reproduce:


1. Run the Sync App with the API and GUI enabled.
2. Share any folder on another machine, check the "Peers I invite must be approved on this device" and copy the link.
3. Using the GUI on the first machine, enter the key and create a folder. You should see the "Pending Approval" next to folder name.
You should receive the JSON response like this:
[ { "dir": "\\\\?\\c:\\sync\\11", "error": 0, "files": 0, "indexing": 0, "secret": "SOME_SECRET", "size": 0, "type": "invite" } ]
Note the type of the folder is "invite".
(replace SOME_SECRET with actual secret of the invite folder)
6. The Sync App crashes.
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