Not Syncing Ro Mass Deletes From Android

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For the most part, everything seems to have been syncing fine. I've got a few Windows clients and a couple of Android with various folders syncing back and forth.


However, three clients aren't syncing properly now with a folder from the phone. How can I start troubleshooting this? The Windows clients are on 1.4.93, and Android is on 1.4.50.


I was syncing a backup of the phone's camera (DCIM folder), to both Windows machines in a read-only fashion, which seemed to work fine. I then moved ALL photos from the phone into another folder on one of the Windows machines which then synced successfully to the other Windows machine and over to the phone again. Yes, back to the phone, but into a folder of my choice. This was over USB cable, so no files were removed from the read only copies.


Now, the phone has zero files to sync (and reported that within the app), has 2 devices connected, yet in both of the folders on the Windows machines, all files are still there. The Windows machines have a green tick next to the folder. If a new photo is taken with the phone, it successfully delivers to both Windows clients. Yet all of the files which shouldn't be there, still remain. I've just taken another photo, exited the Android app, re-opened and the count is now 2, as you'd expect. Within seconds it has also appeared in the folders on the Windows clients, but no deletes have happened.




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Did you choose "backup" for the phone, or "read-only"?  


The android app treats those as different things (and the difference is only available on the phone so far).

read-only works as it does on the computer, but backup allows you to remove items from the phone and not have them be removed on the computer side. 

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Oh, that would certainly explain it if I've misunderstood the functionality. I'm not sure I can see an option to create a read only shared folder from the phone though; only a backup. There's a "new backup" option or a button with a folder and a plus icon which takes me to the point of entering a key or scanning a QR code. Apologies if I haven't looked hard enough! Thanks again, Chris

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