How Bittorrent Sync Is Destroying Good Data

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I have a folder shared on a desktop and laptop as RW

Desktop resides in my home office

Laptop is at the college where my daughter is studying.

As she changes a file, I get a sync notice.

Examining the file on the office machines, I see Name.odt.!sync which has a zero size.

As she works, I get sync notices except the file size and date stamp never change.

When she comes home, the laptop will sync with the desktop, copying the zero size file to the laptop and removing the data that she spent the day entering.


What is going on????


How do I correct this?


On the home network, this set up works flawlessly.


Please help!

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Please check your .sync\Archive folder for the deleted (or older version) files.


We are aware of 2 cases when older file might overwrite newer one. One is when time modification is set to future by app that saved the file (so please check what is the mtime of a file) and second one relates to fact that one of Sync instances was turned off while file file was changing on both computers (which seems to be not your case as Sync was permanently turned on on both peers).


To understand what happened we'll need debug logs. It should be collected on both your office machine and laptop, cover the same timespan - which includes the fact of overwrite. 

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