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Does anyone know of a way to disable the auto-update feature via api, I know how to change most other settings but haven't found a variable for this yet. I have had issues with the auto-update in the past and know that when I have the GUI turned off I don't have to worry about it prompting users so that is my work around for now.  Thanks in advance. 


I have looked around but have not been able to find anything thus far, so I apologize if the answer is already out there.

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    "check_for_updates" :  false,

    "storage_path" : "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BitTorrent Sync",

    "use_gui" : false,

    "webui" : {

        "listen" : "",

        "login" : "btsync",

        "password" : "##",

        "api_key" : "##"




I just retested it and the initial load doesn't crash on version (subsequently crashes on Will put debug.txt in there and test again.

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use_gui relates to UI in separate window, it does not prevent WebUI - and notification in webUI. Looks strange. Did you have a chance to collect dump?


Wait for a second with dumps - there is something suspicious in your config. Why do you save data to program files? It is very likely UAC will prevent Sync from writing data there. Try to move storage to another location.

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