Sync Not Accepting Secret On Raspberry Pi


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I cant seem to create a LINK to a Folder on Raspberry Pi with a supplied Secret from a mobile Camera Backup


Testing Details

BTsync Version: 1.3.109

Platform: Linux ARM Raspberry Pi Model B+

Mobile: Android HTC One M8

Storage on Mobile: Internal (NOT SD CARD)


API Request:<hidden>


Error Returned from btsync:

"error": 100, "message": "Can`t open the destination folder"


Please help.

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Thank you for your help.


I tried to change the permissions to root cause its on an External USB Drive with an NTFS format with no avail.


But I think you are on to something. Perhaps could it be because the external drive is using the ntfs-3g driver to access the ntfs?



UUID=688F681855021DFG /mnt/usb ntfs-3g rw,user,exec,auto,permissions 0 0


User of BtSync Process

root      2079  1.1  1.6  62988  7992 ?        Ssl  19:53   0:05 /mnt/usb/btsync/btsync --config /mnt/usb/btsync/btsync.conf


Permissions of Dir

drwxrwxrwx 1 root     root    0 Oct 27 19:57 Test_1


Error while adding with Secret

$ sudo curl -Ss -u admin:pimedia ""
{ "error": 100, "message": "Can't open the destination folder." }


Stupid Me, my add_folder path was relative and not full.


$sudo curl -Ss -u admin:pimedia ""

{ "error": 0 }


Thanks for your help. Sometimes you need another person to look at your bugs!

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