Best Practise To Sync Large Data

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I'm currently wanting to sync up 2TB of data locally between two NAS boxes, them move one to our second office.


The theory is that files that change at either office will sync up to both locations. So I have NAS1 set up with Sync Client 1 and NAS 2 setup with Sync Client 2.


Eventually the LAN sync should complete and I want to move NAS2 to another office where Sync Client 3 will take over syncing across the internet.


Will Sync Client 3 recognize that the data has been synced with Sync Client 1, or will it attempt to re-sync my 2TB data across the internet again?

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It will need to re-index when the files are used by another btsync install, but should notice any files that match and not re-transmit those.  

I did something similar with my ~3TB setup - I copied it locally over to a HDD, installed the drive in another computer, installed btsync and synced the directories.  It took forever to index, but didn't copy anything over, and subsequent changes have synced correctly. 

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