Lan Only Speed Expectations?

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Hi there,


I am trying out BTSync as the means to synchronize my NAS with another Windows 7 computer on a LAN.

I have a very simple gigabit network setup:

Router - switch - Win7 PC (bittorrent ver: 1.4.93)

                            - Synology NAS (bittorrent ver: 1.4.83)


  • DHT, Relay, Tracker, LAN broadcast AND Encryption is disabled on both ends (no encryption setting on NAS)



So far, the max transfer rate I get is 9.9MB. I tested on a 10GB file.

is that considered good?

I can get 20MB - 100MB if i transfer the same file between the two via explorer copy.


Any pointers?



Thank you!

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if your switch supports 1Gb connections - it can be faster. The easiest thing I can advise - try disabling the advanced preference "hdd_low_priority" to make Sync more aggressive towards HDD usage. It should be done on both NAS and your Win7 (for NAS you'll need to start Sync in config more to set the setting).


If it does not help - I'll be happy to see the speed profiler data and identify your bottleneck.

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Thanks RomanZ!

Do changes take effect right away ("hd_low_priority" or "...encryption..." or I need to restart btcync clients/computer?

So theoretically, should I expect similar transfer speeds to that of explorer transfers? I am just trying to set a bar.

I will go through with the speed profiler and post results.

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