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Sometimes the Bittorrent Sync system tray icon is not present.


It's not that it's hidden.  It simply is not present.


In Control Panel -> Notification Area Icons, I've even tried 'Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar' to make sure it's not there at all, and it's definitely not.  I also tried 'Restore default icon behaviors' just to be sure, but Bittorrent Sync is definitely not reliably creating its system tray icon.


Interestingly, the Bittorrent Sync process is running and it seems to be working.  If I run the executable manually (even though it is already running), it will then show the window, but as soon as I close the window, it does not go to the system tray.


I have 'Show notifications' turned on within Bittorrent Sync, and yet the notifications do not appear because of the missing system tray icon.


This happens on multiple different Windows 7 (SP1) 64-bit systems.  None are running any special system tray managers.


The problem appears when trying to use Bittorrent Sync v1.4.93 beta.

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I've also experienced it a couple of times before - but on these occasions, it's only happened upon the "first run" of a new build i.e. exiting sync, installing a newer version of sync, and upon the first automatic run at the end of the install process, that's when it's happened for me previously - but as I say, it hasn't happened every time I've installed a newer build.


I wonder/suspect that maybe when exiting Sync before performing an update, whether Sync hasn't "fully" exited when the update begins? I've not been able to reliably reproduce the issue, and on the odd occasion it has occurred, killing BTSync.exe via the task manager and running Sync again brings back the tray icon.

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I have the same issue on 64bit Windows 7. The icon appears if BTSync is started when the PC has been running for a while. If the program is set to start automatically when Windows starts, the icon doesn't appear.


Killing BTSync from the task manager and restarting it manually results in the icon appearing normally.

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