Moving Files Between Synced Folders

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I decided to take the plunge and go from 1.3 to 1.4.93, mainly because I thought that the new version supported moving files between folders better.


On the first startup on my fast PC (win 8), the application actually froze, to where window asked me if I wanted to close it.   On the second (slower win 7) PC, it did the same, until it eventually came up asking me if I wanted a script to keep running.


After that it seemed business as usual.  I've noticed a memory footprint increase of around 50mb which isn't great but we'll see if that settles down after startup.


Then finally I try to move about 6Gb of files from one folder (internal HD) to another (external HD).  I was expecting the files to move, Bitsync to detect the files, examine them and then determine them to be files it already knew about, and for the second PC to replicate the move.


Instead bitsyncs detected them as a delete/add of the files and is currently transmitting the 6Gb around the network.  This wasn't what I was hoping for :-(

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BTSync 1.4 has indeed improved mechanism of files movement / rename detection. Though, this mechanism limited to Sync directory boundaries. So, if you move file / folder inside your Sync folder - it is very unlikely that sync will retransmit files. If you move them between your sync folders - it will definitely not notice that and treat it as 2 separate events - file removal and new file creation.

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Well.. the move within-folders doesn't seem to work too well either.


I just moved files (in Lightroom) to a subfolder, about 30gb.. and its detected them all as 'Added file..' then 'Removed file'...  rather than a move and is now re-transmitting them.

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Is that file metadata in NTFS?, or content in the file ?


I just tested by moving one .CR2 file and its .xmp counterpart.  I generated an MD5 hash for both, then used Lightroom to move the file.  Bitsync showed both files as add/remove, but afterwards I regenerated the MD5s again, and they all match.

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