Option To Specify Read-Write Folder For Sync On Android Device (As One Can On Pc/mac/linux)

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In versions past, I was able to link a specific folder on my laptop with a specific (that is, a folder I specified) on my Android device. It seems that in version 1.4, I can specify a read-only folder on my android device, but I cannot specify a folder to synchronize (read-write).


I haven't been able to find any information about this except for other people having the same problem.


Is there a workaround? Is there some reason this had to be eliminated? 


Just to be clear, the flow I'd like is this, which was possible in earlier versions:


Setup sync folder on PC, generate QR code/secret, scan QR code/type in secret on Nexus 7, choose folder on Nexus 7 for download of PC folder.

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It is still possible in 1.4.


Please do the following. On PC click:


1. Share

2. QR code

3. Read-write bullet


On Android 

1. Make sure simple mode is off in settings.

2. Add folder, scan code

3. Choose destination

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