One Sync Won't Complete

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I have around 8 systems with an interlocking mesh of about a dozen separate sync shares.  Not all are shared on all systems.  All systems are running 1.4.93; all are Windows 7 excpt for one Linux.  Most of the sync shares are fairly large, up to a few hundred GB.


After several weeks of indexing and transmission, all the shares are complete, with on exception.  One of the Windows systems cannot complete the sync.


On that system itself, it thinks it has everything.  On the other peers, they think it needs another 300mb, but it isn't taking it.


We tried deleting the library files on the problem system.  It took several days to re-index everything, but it ended up the same way as before.


Standard advice is to provide log files, but, what should be included in them?


 - Which system, the problem system or the peers, or both?

 - Log files of just anytime whe the systems are sitting there, or specifically when BTS is starting up?


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