"delete From All Synced Devices" Message In Windows Tray

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Why is it that, all of a sudden, do I see the above message, "Delete from all synced devices", appear next to the Bittorrent Sync icon in my Windows tray?.


When I click on the message, naturally the client is pulled up but I get messages indicating that a script is taking too long to run (why this 'HTML'-based client rplaced the more native one in the latest release is anyone's guess - maybe it makes the code base more homogenous). The client, in this latest case, then crashes.


This has happened twice. The first time, the client did not crash, but instead seemed to be about to do some ominous deletions. I therefore terminated the process.


What does this message mean (especially in light of the fact that I was doing nothing involving any deletions or otherwise interacting with the sync software)?



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The message indicates that one or more files was removed on your computer by either you or one of your applications. Sync indicates  that it is going to propagate file deletion to other peers. It's really bad that sync crashed when you click the message - did you manage to collect crash dump? It should have .dmp extension and reside in %appdata%\BitTorrent Sync folder.

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Yeah I've been getting this appear recently also. Its a little unsettling.


It says click for more details but when I click it absolutely nothing happens. I have no idea what files its deleting. I didn't delete anything.


I look in history and cant see anything about it deleting the any files in the last 3 hours but that message still appears now and then.


This is after also having other problems witch resulted in removing btsync & settings from all computers and reinstalling and setting up all the folders again. (But that's another issue witch is resolved by getting the latest version.)


Ive seen some other pretty weird behavior from this program sometimes like showing a big list of files in history that I have never seen or heard of.


Im hope everything is ok. Aside form manually looking trying to remember if all the files are there is there a definite way I can check that btsync isn't deleting things it shouldn't be?

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If there is nothing like "Peer removed" or "removed file.." in history, you can look into the log file and search for "removed", "removal" "deleted" keywords. Or you can send the logs from all connected peers to support 


Sync monitors only its sync shares, so history reflect only the files in them. If these look unfamiliar to you, might these be some other app's files which are stored in sync shares? IF still no clue, please together with logs send a screenshot of the History part with these unknown files listed. Thank you.

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