Do I Have The Latest Release?

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Latest build available for public is published on the download page. Usually, me or someone from moderators also post it on the forum. The MD5 won't help you to determine if the build is the latest, just to control the integrity of delivered build and the fact that build you has is the same we have.

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It does help when I download the latest and compare it to the last one I downloaded.  If I don't need to update all of my machines, I don't want to, but I don't check the forum all that often and it WOULD insure the integrity of the download as well.  I'd consider this a good thing. It is not that hard to calculate the MD5 and post it on the download page next to the downloadl link.

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For Windows its rather simple. Open file properties, digital signatures tab, details - and Windows will verify the digital signature of binary. 


It's a bit more complex for mac: you'll need to unpack the BitTorrent bundle the file from .dmg package and then run command:

coding -dvvv <path_to_app_bundle>

Also, AFAIK Mac won't allow to run unsigned bundle (or bundle with broken signature).


See screenshots below for both OSes.




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