Uploading From Photo Stream On Ios


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I'm not sure which version this started in - I think it was after I updated to iOS 8, but I'm not sure. I used to be able to select photos that were in a shared Photo Stream and add them to a sync folder. Now I can select them, but as soon as I hit the check button to start syncing, the app crashes. I can still upload photos from my Camera Roll without a problem.


I'm updated to 1.4.97 on 8.1 on a 5S. The crash log mentions "bug_type":"109", if that's informative.

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So I've upgraded everything to Sync 2.0, and now the issue I'm having is that Shared Photo Streams aren't shown in the Add Files view like the used to be - just local Albums and Camera Roll. I want to use this like I used to, where Sync helped me pass a shared photo stream to non-iOS users. Is there any way to enable this in the current version?

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