Error Msg: Excel Could Not Open (File Name) Because Content Is Unreadable. Do You Want To Open And Repair This File?


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Please HELP!


Error Message: Excel Could not open (file Name) because content is unreadable. Do you want to open and repair this file?


This error message only occurs on a couple of files in Bit Torrent Sync. The file can't be repaired or opened and the content is lost.


It is frustrating not knowing why this is only happening to a select few files.


The file name does not contain any symbols or anything other than words.


I sync between a Mac & PC. These select files work ok for a few days then all of a sudden I get this error message on both Mac & PC and can't open or access the file. 


I have 100's of files and there are only a couple of files that this keeps happening too. 


Any advice is very much appreciate!


Thank you, 


Loyal BitTorrent User



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