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I'm new to Sync, and so far things are going OK between a desktop PC, Synology box and an Android phone. One question... Is there any way to selectively drop a peer while keep the others. The only way I've found is to disconnect everyone and start over. If a method doesn't exist, I'll add it to the feature request sub-forum.

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Welcome to Sync and the forums! :)


There isn't currently a way to "drop" individual peers, other than changing a folder's key and redistributing the new key to all peers apart from the one you've dropped.


I've therefore moved this into the Feature Request forum for you

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+1 on this one also



I don't know about how much the p2p protokoll has been bend in order to make BTS work but what if:


Someone is creating a share (he is the original owner) and he sends the link so some people.

At a later point he is the only one able to delete certain peers and by doing that a new key gets automatically created and ditributed to the still active peers without them having to touch the share.


This is just me trying to get my thoughts out there :)

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