Failed To Complete Sync Iso

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I used Sync for few weeks syncing a folder in my laptop with a folder in my smartphone. Everything seem syncing fine. Adding file to the folder in smartphone will appear in laptop and vice versa. Until last few days, I downloaded an 4.01GB ISO file (Windows 10 Technical Preview) on my laptop and decided to sync it to my smartphone.


After syncing for few minutes, it just wouldn't complete. I checked the file in smartphone is 99% complete, estimated from the progress bar, it was almost full. (1mm gap remaining) Then there is a 2MB or 4MB sending shows up in my laptop BitTorrent Sync. It just finished sync and then sync again and again. The file never get completed.


I decided to delete it and try again. So I deleted the ISO file, sync some photo in the same folder and make sure it worked. It shows both folder is Synced. Then i tried to put in the ISO file again in my laptop. It start syncing again and after few minutes, it stucked again at 99%.


What could possibly go wrong? Was BitTorrent Sync have problem with large file syncing?


My laptop is using BitTorrent Sync v1.4.93.

My smartphone is using BitTorrent Sync v1.4.56.0. (Checked there were no update from Google Play Store)

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There is a 4GB file size limit on Android (Google "android maximum file size")... which will be why your 4.01GB file won't sync!


I'll ask what everyone's thinking though... why would you want to transfer a ISO of Windows 10 Technical Preview to your Android device in the first place!? :unsure::wacko:

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