About How Many People Are Using Bittorrent Sync?

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About how many people are using BitTorrent Sync?


I feel like using beta software for such a critical function is questionable.  However, the price is right, the functionality is excellent, and at least for me, it works really well.  Actually, I should say I think it is working... it's possible there are tons of corrupted files that I just haven't opened yet!  :unsure:


If there were 10 other people using this, I wouldn't even consider it.  Not enough data to have any confidence that it is reliable.  On the other hand, if there were 1 million people using this regularly, I probably wouldn't care much that it is considered "beta".  If the ship goes down, at least we'll all go down together.  :rolleyes:


Can BitTorrent tell us about how many people are using BitTorrent sync?

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