The Ability To Backup And Restore Settings, Folder Locations, Keys, Etc.

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I really love using BitTorrent Sync for syncing very large files, but there is one thing that is driving my crazy and that is the lack of a backup and restore feature for the settings, folder locations, keys, etc. I have a tradition of erasing my entire hard drive and starting from scratch when a new OS update comes out. It gets really annoying trying to manually copy and paste all the keys.


It would be really awesome if there was a backup and restore function for BitTorrent Sync; where you can select the secrets you want to restore and change the directory to different location if needed. I really hope you consider this feature. It would make BitTorrent a flawless experience for me.


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It's already quite easy to backup/restore your Sync settings - for example, on Windows, just make a copy your %AppData%\BitTorrent Sync folder


Would it be the same thing on Linux and Mac (of course with the location of the btsync settings being different from windows)?

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