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Read-Only Behavior With Read/write Keys

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Hey everyone!


Huge BT Sync fan/user here, it's been a life saver.


Presently, I run BT Sync on my NAS. I've got several computers syncing to my NAS in different datasets. Life is good. Generally, I set the NAS up with read-only keys, but read/write keys on the machines. This ensures that accidental deletes don't get replicated to the NAS, which is nice because it allows the NAS to protect against accidental deletions.


The challenge is on the flip side.


I've been writing down the read/write keys, because if I don't, I can't reconnect the machines to the NAS if I need to reinstall Windows on any of the machines backing up to it. What would be excellent is if I could have read/write keys on the NAS, but have an option where the NAS /behaves/ as if it is in read-only mode. This serves two purposes. First, it enables me to use the NAS as a reference, in the event I need the keys again. Second, it allows me to set the NAS into read/write mode when it's time to restore data to the machines on the flip side of a reload, so that data can flow normally from the existing share. Finally, I can set it back into read-only mode when the process is complete.




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