Bittorrent Distributed Scheme Not Smart Enough?

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I really like the concept of the BitTorrent distributed protocol, but I am really confused and frustrated at what I am experiencing.


I have noticed this several times, but always wrote it off as BTSync being early in beta or something along those lines, but I am really curious as to what is happening. When I am connected to 1 other peer and receiving updates on my desktop, I have a pretty good bandwidth of 10 MB/s. Once another peer comes online that is already up to date, and then begins to upload to the desktop, the download speed of the desktop diminishes dramatically down to less than 1 MB/s. So the distributed model is really cool in theory, but I am really frustrated at why this is. If the distributed model is working correctly, I should get 10 MB/s, plus whatever bandwidth the other peer is able to upload. It almost seems as though BitTorrent sync is not smart enough to recognize which of the peers has the highest bandwidth and gives that peer priority and allows the other peers to supplement. I have noticed this same issue since I began using BTSync a month ago, across 3 different 1.4 versions. I have noticed this in many different configurations, between different computers and on different networks, both LAN and WAN and it has bothered me enough that I would like understand why the distributed model is not working out in these cases.

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