Syncing Several Android Devices

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Hello , 

i want to sync my several Android devices with my home Linux box.

I have installed BitTorrent Sync 1.4.93 on my Linux box and last version of app on all my Android devices.

I want to sync (backup) my phone/tablet camera pictures. As you can image on all Android devices folder with this pictures is named "DCIM". First one device had synced with no problem. But when I try to add new device in new folder on my Linux have error, that folder with this name is exist and I can't add second (or third, or next) device. 

Can anyone advise me how can i avoid this problem?

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To make sure I understand you correctly:

1. You create a backup in Sync on Android #1, it produces you a Link.

2. You enter this Link to Linux box (enter key or Link) and save it to some folder

3. You create another backup on Android #2, it produces new Link.

4. You enter this Link to Linux box and attempt to save it to same folder as in bullet 2?


If yes - then all you need to change is path in bullet #4. If no - please elaborate.

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Hello @RomanZ, 

first of all I want to thank you for your advises. 

I choose another folder in my Linux box for second device , but the name of the folder from remote device (android #1 and android #2) are the same - "DCIM" and there is no option to change that - from device or when I try to add link from second device.

That is the problem.

And one more problem - i realize that when I erase some picture from my device it is erased in folder in my LInux box.

I clearly understand that this is SYNC program, but maybe will be better photos from the devices to be marked or something else like "special" folder and not to replicate deletes on the backup storage.

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Could you try to enter a completely different path for the second Android Link? As for the pics deleted - are you using "Sync" or a new backup? When you are creating backup on android - it should not delete files from PC once they are deleted on mobile device. That's the whole idea of backup.

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