What Is Btsync.com?

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Correct - btsync.com is not affiliated in any with BitTorrent Inc.


The official website for BitTorrent Sync is getsync.com


A few warnings/considerations if you're thinking about using a "cloud storage for BitTorrent Sync"-type online service/website:

  1. BitTorrent Inc doesn't run or endorse any such cloud storage service for Sync
  2. The security of many of these sites is questionable - for example, btsync.com doesn't currently support encrypted nodes - so be aware of data security if you're considering syncing/sharing your sensitive data with these providers
  3. Sync is currently in "beta" - Therefore things may change as Sync develops and evolves which may break the functionality of these "cloud storage for BitTorrent Sync"-type online services. Be aware of this if you're considering taking out a lengthy subscription with such sites.

The best advice I can give, if you require an "always on cloud" for Sync, would be to purchase a supported NAS drive or Home Server, plug it into your home router, and hey presto! - you've got yourself your very own "always on" cloud storage component for Sync! ...and this way you retain full control of your data - you know exactly where it is, plus it'll work out far cheaper than buying a subscription to one of these dubious "cloud storage for BitTorrent Sync"-type online services

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