Only Syncing Empty Folders, Phony Log!

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I'm using BitTorrent Sync for a month on two systems, syncing two complete hard drives (2 TB of data) over the internet. As of this week, it won't work as flawlessly anymore as it used to do with the previous version (using 1.4.103 now)


Suddenly I noticed that it won't sync properly anymore. Only empty folders are synced, with no files in them (0 bytes)!  The log doesn't show any problems, as if the files were correctly synced.. Also, files are not updates (the log says that they are)




- Only creates empty folders, not the files

- Does not update the files

- False log..


Can I somehow force the application to re-check or adjust some settings?

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You can force the application to recheck everything by removing and adding folder again. Though, as you've got 2 Tb of data it will take significant time so index all the files again. Couple of questions to clarify your setup:

1. If you open peer list window - what does it show? Any particular files in queue?

2. What happens if you put a single small file in top folder - will it be synced?

3. If you turn on hidden files visibility - does it show you a number of !sync files?


For the log - you need to enable full debug output to see what is actually happening.

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