Peering Information Lost By User Error, How To Backup Them?

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users are dangerous. On my linux box I want to delete ppa to install new version manually in future.

I did a mistake and binary folder was deleted.

No problem, download the latest binary, install it manually and start btsync again

everything fine, noch check the gui and :wacko::blink::wacko:


I got the welcome empty screen and was prompted for user informations (user + password)

btsync was started with same config file, which was untouched :angry:


what was happend?

how can I backup btsync settings (peer + folder informations + keys)


I could restore my keys from backup, recreate peer again, but have to do some work for it. I want to be prepared with a backup, easy to reinstall, but which files I have to backup?




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Hi Frank,

Usually, Sync stores all its data in storage folder. By default, it is located in ".sync" hidden subfolder next to binary. Though, it is possible to run Sync with --config parameter and specify whole config file which says where to store service files.


The PPA version uses second option and keeps storage separately from binary. You can try to do the following: find where storage is, grab it, and put to the ".sync" folder, which should stay in the same directory where binary stays. You can easily find it by "settings.dat" and "sync.dat" files (though note, that you'll need to move all the files in storage).


For the future - you can backup storage folder AND all the .sync subfolders (each folder you Sync has one).

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