[Solved] Have Many Computers At Home, 2 Won't See Each Other With Bt Sync


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Have been using BT Sync for a few months. I have two machines that won't seem to find each other as peers. Some of the other computers can see each of these problematic computers, but I can't seem to get them to see each other. They are both running Windows 8.1.


Some extra info: They have identical hardware. One was cloned from the other (true image), then I changed the computer name in networking. I uninstalled BT Sync [after the uninstall, BT Sync still seemed to be there, upon a reboot it asked if I wanted to allow it to run, then asked about firewall changes?] and reinstalled BT Sync on each pc in hopes it would correct it. I've confirmed the listening ports are different.


The two computers will see each other fine over the LAN via homegroup or networking. I can transfer files between shared directories just fine. When I connect one of them to a guest network that won't see my LAN, it finds the other machines on my home network via a tracking server, but still won't find this one PC. Multicast routing is turned on inside my router (asus rt-ac66u)


Any suggestions? I'm getting ready to take one of the PC's remote and want the two to connect without needing to have a 3rd or 4th pc on to facilitate the sync.


Thank you for any guidance.



Update: after doing a complete uninstall on each machine and telling it to remove settings, then doing a reboot and re install, they are seeing each other and appear to be working well.

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