Indexing Problems With Sync App For Android


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Hello everybody,


I have performance issues with Sync app I have noticed Sync does an index re-calculation every time I open the application. This is a problem because I have a share containing lot of pictures taking up to 29 GB of space, so the indexing seems to take for ages. In addition to this I haven't added any new photos to the folder, so Sync should do anything at all.

After that I tried to disable this share by selecting the pause menu. Although the GUI displayed the paused state, I still could see some CPU and network utilization in a resource monitoring app.


Does anybody have similar issues? Is there a workaround for it? 





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geza, it is normal Sync behaviour to index all files after start.

But you don't have to worry: Sync will only check m-time and size of your files.


Android System will give notification to the Sync, that new file was added to the folder.

But if Sync was turned off, it will not know, that there are new or modified folders, so it rescans all the folder after start.

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Okay, that makes sense, but something still not right.

I started the app again at 9:30 PM, now it's 23:30 PM and still indexing.


I have 29 GB of pictures on a class 10 SD card. During the indexing process I measured the disk I/O with a 3rd-party app which gave me 30 to 45 Mb/s read speed. Considering the worst case (30 Mb/s), the whole folder should be processed no longer than 29 * 1024 / 30 / 60 = 16.5 minutes. But Sync could not finish with it during 2 hours.

Am I missing something?

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