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I've been using btsync since the very early beta days, and it's great for my needs.

One thing that I noticed was that I had migrated my data from an old system to the new system, and the system name still reflects the old system.  Upon going into the configuration in 1.4.103 (updated yesterday), I went to change the name of the system, only to find the Edit button wasn't there.

Doing a little research, it seems that there are two formats for the config file - an old (binary) format, and a new text-based format.

My systems all use the binary format.

Is there a way to convert the configuration to the new text format so I can change the system name?  I've got a number of directories set up to sync, and would rather not have to set them all up again.



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The "Edit" button for your device name in Sync is only present if you've not yet shared any "links" within Sync.


Once you share a "link" (as opposed a traditional "key" (formally a "secret")), the device name becomes locked (as it forms part of your security fingerprint used to authenticate/approve the link).


The only way to then change you device name is to completely remove Sync (and its settings), and re-install.


You'll then be able to edit the device name, and as long as you only share keys and not links, you'll be able to freely edit your device name again in the future

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