Camera Sync Link Not Responding

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Ive been trying to make the camera sync to work but the email link that I sent to myself is not doing anything. Weird.... yes. Im using Google Chrome browser in a Windows 7 machine. My phone is an iphone.


After clicking the link I emailed to myself Chrome pops up with two buttons to choose. Install the 1.4 or Already have 1.4. I did the already have 1.4 because I did and nothing happened. I even check the Bittorrent interface to see whats happening and nothing. Then i tried it again this time I clicked the install 1.4. Installed it and go back to the previous window and still noting is happening. Am I missing something here? Need help pls... thanks!

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2 quick ways to workaround it:


1. Replace the "https://" in the link with "btsync://" and try to open in a browser, see if helps.

2. If it does not help - try opening Sync, click the "Cog" button, "Enter key" and paste the link there.


Let me know if it helps.

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Thank you so much ... That btsyc:// worked but not in the browser but in the cog enter key. Now my photos are synced. Thank you so much. Respect...

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