Bidirectional Backup Sync From Mobile


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Hello there,

this is my first post here :)


I have searched unsuccessfully the forums for the solution for one problem I have.


I have an android phone and used Sync to backup my pictures, fotos, memos and other system folders. It all worked fine.


The problem appeared as I had to hard reset my phone. 

As the mobile backup feature from Sync is a one way option, I can't get my old photos and other stuff synced back to my phone again.


This behavior has lead to the status quo that I have my old photos/stuff on my PC in one folder and the new stuff from my phone is being synced in a new folder I had to generate to save the content in my PC. This is not helpful at all...  


Is there an option I can sync my old stuff back to my phone into the same system folders where they were at the beginning?


Will be bidirectional mobile backup a future feature from sync?

I think this is quite desireable since you have to hard reset your phone once in a while.


Greets, Jano



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There is no "backwards backup" function. Technically you can try to setup sync in backwards direction, though, it will sync all the backed up data, not only those that was on phone at the moment of hard reset. Also, it is not necessary that apps will pick up the files delivered back (pictures will be as Android Sync explicitly updates media files in gallery, not sure about notes and other content).

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