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Found a weird error, the "date synced" column is quite a bit ahead, see the attached image. This instance runs on a beaglebone black, which loses the correct time after restart. NTP service is running and currently the system time is correct though (and has been as far as I can tell as long as btsync is installed). Maybe btsync starts before NTP and this messes things up?


Seems not to affect sync, but still something to fix I suppose.




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@Bitwise, @tommi

It might indicate that certain folders contain files with incorrect modification time (in future). I suggest finding these files and fixing mtime as it can bring issues in future (they will overwrite any other files with same name on other peers as they are always "newer").

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@RomanZ   Thanks for the suggestion.  I found two files with mtimes in the future.  It appears that clockworkmod creates files with timestamps in the future.


Can you explain a little more about why files with future mtimes will cause BTsync to exhibit this behavior?


I archived both files, and now there are no files with future timestamps.  BTsync did not adjust the dates in it's GUI.  I restarted BTsync, but no effect.  I rebooted, but still no effect.  The BTsync GUI still appears as above.

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