Read Only Folder To Upload To Clients That Not Have All Files

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Hi boys and girls,


I bet this question must have been asked a gazillion times, but still i can't find a clear answer:


Client (A ) runs sync with a readonly key and completely syncs with Read/Write client (B ), comes along R/W client (C ) when client (B ) is offline.

Will client (A ) upload this new data to client (C ) although he's supposed to only have a read-key?


Thank you!!!

Max - Happy syncer

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In your scenario, if A and B were online together and had time to sync B's changes to A, then A will be able to deliver those changes to C. Many users of Sync have an always-on device that uses read-only keys like your A to serve as a cloud replacement, so that other devices always have a peer to sync with.


The read-only designation refers to the fact that changes made to the contents of the synced folder on A will not propagate to any other peer.

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