What If One Of My Computers Is Stolen?

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If I sync between three computers, and one is stolen, and the person manages to hack in and delete my synced folders, will all the files be deleted on the other two computers as well?

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If sync is running and connected between the three, yes (assuming stolen computer has r/w permissions; nothing will happen if it has r/o).  


To avoid this, change the keys on the non-stolen computers if one is stolen (or the key compromised by any other means).  



There will apparently be a feature in the forthcoming pro version that would allow someone with a new "owner" level permission to remotely disconnect the stolen computer, but there's nothing automatic like that now (also, no word on if the pro version would allow deleting data on the compromised computer as well as just disconnecting it).   

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Not really.


If a r/w node deletes files and if this changes is synced to other nodes, deleted files are moved to /backup/folder/.sync/Archive folder. By default they will stay there for 30 days, so you can recover what you need. There is also an advanced setting "sync_trash_ttl" that lets you control this duration, if you set it to 0 those files won't be deleted from Archive folder.


I have that setting set to 0 on all my devices, unless I need the disk space all of deleted/changed files stay in the Archive folder. When I need more space I just go in there and delete the files that I'm sure I won't need.

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