Cannot Disable Upnp

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After getting BTSync setup and working between two windows 7 machines, I wanted to tighten things down.  Among other things I UN-checked UPNP within BTSync, but not my software firewall (Norton).  I then removed/tweaked the existing firewall rules (Norton) already created by BTSync to allow all local LAN traffic only.


Then later I discovered that BTSync had re-created the firewall rules, even though the UPNP checkbox in BTSync is still unchecked.  I'm confused.  I thought the point of that checkbox was to enable/disable the applications automatic creation of FW rules.  Where did I get my wires crossed?





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Actually, BTSync has 2 separate mechanisms on working with firewalls and routers. UPnP / NAT-PMP is used to map ports automatically from local router / NAT to workstation running Sync. Also, BTSync can "ask" local Windows Firewall to allow incoming connections to certain port (the "Listening port" actually).


Unchecking "Use UPnP for port mapping" actually prevents Sync from emitting UPnP / NAT-PMP packets (you can try packet capture with wireshark). So I suspect that Norton reacts on the API we use to allow incoming connections in Win Firewall.

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